Something from Nothing

Hello there! It’s me, Cat. I’m a 29 year old chick with a deep rooted appreciation for all things cheap or free and the pottymouth of a drunken sailor. I love going to estate sales, garage sales, and bargain shopping. I pick awesome things out of other people’s garbage like it’s no one’s business…. ‘CUZ IT ISN’T.

For example I found this hand painted Limoges in my neighbor's garbge

A nice steaming pile of garbage! I found this hand painted Nippon tea cup in my neighbor’s trash. What a dingus.

The thing is, I’m not one of those thrifting or home repair pros. In fact, I’m pretty effin’ far from it. I can’t reupholster a couch …yet (I’m lookin’ at you, YouTube tutorials). I don’t wait outside the Goodwill Clearance Center at 5 a.m. on half-price Wednesdays wearing a HazMat suit, rubber gloves, and the psychotic grin of someone who’s about to elbow her way towards a pair of 50¢ Jimmy Choos. My time spent thrifting and garbage picking is whenever I get the chance. Just like Dolly Parton, I too have a “9 to 5”; an intense, full-time, stressful, super great usually, job. When I’m not at that job I love nothing more than to lay on my couch watching “Cheers” reruns with my cat, my main squeeze, and a good burrito.

LOOK AT THAT FAT SHIT. This is my life <3

LOOK AT THAT FAT SHIT. This is my life ❤

My goal is to one day save enough money to buy a home that I can fill to the brim with garbage furniture, far as the eye can see! Save money + collect cool shit + refinish ugly stuff = living the dream. Math.

Posts will be on 4 main topics, sprinkled with tips and F bombs:

  1. Estate Sale Finds – because estate sales are my favorite! You’re telling me I can fill a garbage bag with your mom’s old crap for $1.00? Count me in. I find some weird & awesome shit. Fun times for all.
  2. Look What I Found in the Garbage –  no shame, tons O’ glory.
  3. Clothes Refashions – because I am often given free hand me downs that “would be perfect if…”. You catch my drift? I also find a ton of cool clothes at estate sales (vintage for days), rich people’s garage sales, and thrift stores but they may need some minor alterations. I’ll try my best until my short patience runs out!
  4. American Pickers; Natoli Edition – my boyfriend is a gosh darn pro at “picking”, which in the highfalutin world of thrifting means “finding something for free or dirt cheap and selling it for way more”. He can spot a re-sell from a mile away and he’s quite the savvy eBay-er. I guess I’ll keep him.
Some lady died and I took half her clothes and had them tailored. It happens.

Bought this hideous dress with a gorgeous print at an estate sale and had it refashioned into this awesome skirt.


Here’s an old radio I got for $10 in a creepy man’s gutted home upstate! No ghosts have come out of it yet.

Well, that’s all the intro I got for now. I’m excited to start building towards such a major goal! I’m hoping this blog will help remind me to spend less on expensive crap I don’t need and to re-use what’s out there already. Lord help me.

Don’t touch my stuff,





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