Today I used my accessorEYES… get it?

“Wise people speak when they have something to say, fools speak because they have to say something.” – Cathryn Chenkus

I said that out loud just now, hence the quotes, it’s not like I made that up. But I do sometimes try to live by it! I’ve spent the last two weeks moving into my new digs, unpacking, working, and of course, watching a ton of “Cheers”.

Coach died. It has been a rough couple of weeks.

RIP Nicholas Colasanto, you are top 3 in my favorite TV characters of all time.

RIP Nicholas Colasanto.  Coach, you are top 3 in my favorite TV characters of all time.


I wasn’t thrifting or going to estate sales or taking anything out of the garbage, but rather putting things into my own garbage for some fortunate picker to find. You’re welcome!

Now I’m back with a fantastic Friday find. I’ve seen that some estate sales start on Fridays which is bananas because who goes to these? DRIFTERS?! Well, when I get a Friday off from work… turns out, I do. This estate sale was in West Hempstead (West siiiide? No.). It was the kind of estate sale where a company comes in and organizes the sale for the family. These are my least favorite because they can be overpriced, there are SO MANY RULES – one of which was “no fighting or we will call the authorities” – and sometimes you have to wait outside.  I made two friends and one enemy waiting outside this one though, so it was obviously worth the wait.

Very rarely am I looking for a re-sell, that’s Ant’s world. Bless his patient heart. I’m only looking for cool stuff that pops out to me as interesting and that works with my style. I found two awesome bags while rifling through a closet:


WHAT A WEIRD BAG!!! Are those tiny devils suckling the teat of a giant skeletal cat wolf?  Yes, a thousand times yes.


The other side of the bag is so much prettier, but definitely not as cool. I love the colors! It seems to be hand woven and has a nice wood handle. San Pietro is a church in Rome, says Google. Bad. Ass.

Some people say I should be a model, some people are drunk. I'm not either of those people.

Some people say I should be a model, some people are drunk. I’m not either of those people.

I also found what I think was a binocular or camera bag. Leather and wool, in great condition, and sturdy as heck! I thought I’d use it was a cross body bag, since I don’t have any binoculars or cameras… yet.


Up close details of the bag. Nifty, eh?


Check out this picture of me and my new cross body bag right before we were eaten by giant sunflowers.

That’s what my face looks like 94% of the day. A mix of trying not to laugh and deep concern.

Clearly, an interesting day for bags. Finally, I came across a room with a beautiful collection of silk scarves. I’m conservatively hesitant with scarves because they are so pretty and tempting, but I don’t wear them too often. Just like nipple tassles, you know? I do occasionally rock the “Rosie the Riveter” hair look or throw a scarf over a plain shirt for work, but not every day. This one however, sure did catch my eye:


What a cool print! I love me some florals, so I knew I could easily incorporate this into an outfit.


Check this out, it was still in the box with the original Lord & Taylor tag and look at that label. 100% silk! This must have been a hated gift from a birthday in the 1970’s. No disrespect ma’am, but COME ON! You never look a gift scarf in the mouth…

Estate sales run by companies like this really jack up some prices. Usually it’s just on the high end items like furniture or art. There was a dining room table at this house priced at $1,200. Poppycock. If there was something I loved that was way overpriced I would totally go back on the last day and haggle them down, if it was still there. Smaller things they’re just trying to get rid of though? Easy street. My total was $8. Suck it, capitalists.

A successful return from my brief hiatus! Go team go. I hope my two new friends, that nice neighbor lady and the man who reupholsters mid-century furniture, were as successful as I was today. I hope that guy who tried to cut the line and then sassed one of the staff members got a splinter today. Right in the dick.

Carry on my wayward son.

P.S. The dress I wore today was given to me, for free, by my awesome Aunt Sharon. Thanks lady!



2 thoughts on “Today I used my accessorEYES… get it?

  1. I don’t go to estate sales too much anymore because so many are just too darn pricey…at least if you plan on trying to resell the stuff. Wanted to buy this cool vintage marble ashtray at the last one I went to, but it was $28. Jeez Louise!!

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