Free your mind…

…and the rest will follow. No truer words have ever been harmonized by a group of beautiful, talented, and sassy women in the 90’s on an R&B hit single, but I may be biased.

Right? Preach.

Sure doesn’t! Preach.

Today’s post is all about FREE shit, but with a twist! Over the years I’ve received so many free things from winning contests. A lot of people chalk it up to awesome good luck (I see you OAR former coworkers, and friends) and that may be partially true. My mother and aunt are similarly notorious for winning awesome things. FUN FACT: My first concert was Hootie & The Blowfish because my mom won tickets on the radio and took me as her hot date.

Whoa, who are those HOT babes?! I like knowing that this is my mom's version of "cool". How are we BOTH wearing mom jeans!?

Whoa, who are those HOT babes?! I like knowing that this is my mom’s version of “cool”. Who knew they made mom jeans in child’s sizes? Soak it in. 

But I digress, and need to make a point. I’m a very practical, analytical, purely functional thought process type person the majority of the time (my brain goes to mush when I go grocery shopping and I seem to buy an assorted mish mosh of items that don’t go together, but I’M WORKING ON IT OK) so I don’t believe in “luck”. You know what I do believe in? Hard work and ‘MERICA!tumblr_m345s5VBED1r8kfm2o1_500

I enter every. fucking. contest. I. see. Every one within reason that is, no amateur Hustler contests… yet. The more small/local/creepy the contest, the better your chances are of winning. I have won so many contests by being the only person that entered. For example, when working at Adelphi University (Go Panthers!) I saw that their library’s Facebook page was having a contest to see who could name the most celebrities in this awesome photography book they were giving away. I named like 11 of the 100 celebrities and called it a day. NO ONE ELSE ENTERED so I won! I’ve won books, food, luxury gift cards, handmade items, kitchen items, toys, t-shirts, an i-Pod, and my best win, a weekend trip to Manhattan complete with $1,000 in AmEx gift cards.

Awesome view of the lonely limo I took to my free NYC weekend.

Awesome view of the lonely limo I took to my free NYC weekend.

Recently I won a contest on Instagram held by Skinny Girl, the brand started by Bethenny Frenkel of “The Real Housewives of NYC” fame. I’m a big fan of her alcoholic beverage line and her incredible bone structure. I don’t remember what I had to do to enter, but it was super easy; like their Facebook page, follow this person on Instagram, share this post, tag this person, etc. Easy shmeasy lemon squeezy. Guess what? A few weeks later I won a friggin’ Cuisinart single cup coffee maker and a shit ton of tea, coffee, and cocoa. Because we already owned 2 Keurigs we sold them at our yard sale to make room for this bad boy. Not only did I win something very expensive but I made money off the deal! 1,000 points to Gryffindor!



Isn't she a beaut?

Isn’t she a beaut?

My tips are simple:

  1. Like a ton of companies on your social media accounts. Big, small, local, international, who cares! They start contests to promote new things and drive business. They are begging you to enter. Accept it.
  2. Be open to whatever they ask of you, within reason. If you’re creative you have even more of a leg up on their contests that require hard work: like creating videos, logos, pictures, etc. Don’t get it twisted though, I don’t go way too out of my way. I have my limits. I’ll like your page or sign up for your mailing list, but I hate those Instagram loop contests where you have to like 25+ new pages that fill your newsfeed with garbage. Get the F outta here with that, capitalist pigs.
  3. Enter raffles. Not necessarily those $150 raffle tickets to win a Corvette, although I did have an uncle win one on those (Go Uncle Karl!), but the raffles at schools, community fairs, charity events, etc. If it costs money to enter the raffle it most likely will go towards a charity, so who cares!
  4. Believe in yourself and be patient. No explanation needed, just do it.
Hey! What a wonderful kind of day!

Believe in yourself… go Arthur go!

What a wonderful kind of day,



4 thoughts on “Free your mind…

  1. Your gifs/pics kill me, first of all. I’m still Lol-ing. Second of all, I think we might be kindred spirits. I thought I was only uber competitive person on the planet that signed up for every single free thing ever (whether or not I even like the product). I shall fervently follow your tips for contest winning success!

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